While the more recent June 15 protest in Baton Rouge focused on an immediate end to use of Corexit and implementation of proper safety training, equipment and oversight for cleanup workers, what follow are Murdered Gulf’s ten demands we make of the federal government, created with consultation and help from many others.

Note we are speaking to the federal government, NOT BP. BP’s chance to have any say or authority in this process should be long past. BP has proven itself a criminal enterprise concerned only with profit, recklessly and indifferently murdering its employees and the entire Gulf coast.

We demand the Federal Governement intervene immediately to stop the BP Oil Flood and:

1. Declare the BP Oil Flood a national disaster so that Louisiana can finally begin getting federal assistance.

2. Stop BP’s use of “Corexit” and other chemical dispersants that present significant danger to health and safety.

3. Under a state of emergency, employ all resources (including Navy) of the government at every level – Federal, State, local, and parish — to defend our coast, our livelihoods, and our culture.

4. Suspend all BP contracts by means of the EPA’s discretionary debarment act and seize or attach all of BP’s assets, including BP Atlantis and other operational offshore rigs, to assure that all costs of cleanup and remediation are covered.

5. Strongly enforce all regulations for workplace health and safety: Cleanup crews must be supplied with and allowed to use full-face respirators, not paper masks.

6. Undertake immediate, full, and ongoing 3rd-party verified air-quality and toxicity testing in all affected areas, including New Orleans, and objective close monitoring of the oil leak to determine the true extent of the catastrophe.

7. End all deepwater offshore oil drilling.

8. Institute a temporary moratorium on non-deepwater offshore drilling (both current and new operations) and require each operation pass a stringent independent safety review before they can resume operation. Those that fail inspection stay shut down and are heavily fined until they comply or are debared.

9. Keep all lawsuits related to the BP Oil Flood and its aftermath in Louisiana, and instruct the DOJ and States’ Attorney General to hold BP, Halliburton and Transocean accountable to the furthest extent possible under the law.

10. Found a two-decade TVA-Style Gulf Coast Authority that rebuilds sea walls, levees, coastlines, and wetlands, with a dedicated fund for fishermen and related industries to provide economic relief for those put out of work because of the disaster.

11 Responses to “OUR DEMANDS”
  1. Bubba says:

    More power to you.

    However, except vaguely in point 3 – there is no explicit demand to simply CLEAN UP THE MESS.

    Unfortunately it does NOT go without saying. BP and the Feds should have an unceasing convoy of supertankers hauling away oil and seawater 24/7. The depraved criminal ceo Tony Hayward pledged (lied) that BP would clean up every drop of oil “that comes ashore”. A very alarming statement. They must clean every drop of gushed oil – PERIOD. INCLUDING the great plumes roaming the Gulf. They must go bankrupt attempting to do this.

    Why this action is not already underway is beyond me. Why there is so little public outcry for it is even stranger.

    COLLECT AND REMOVE THE OIL. No matter what quantity. No matter the cost. No matter how long it takes.

  2. nancy says:

    you need to include in demands for LA to get it’s fair share of oil revenues immediately. READ Garland Robinette’s open letter to Obama on WWL.com

  3. Both Nancy and Bubba are spot-on… their additions are official demands #11 and #12 !

    …and especially in times of crisis, southern Louisiana consistently sees more leadership from Garland Robinette than any politician at any level. His voice could not be more important. The letter Nancy refers to can be read here.

  4. Freeman says:

    BP has already demonstrated that they are immune to public pressure (see: The definition of insanitiy). The public outrage needs to be applied directly to the federal government. No one needs to rest (or go on vacation) until this crisis is over. The federal government may not have the ‘technology’ to stop the leak – but they CAN keep the oil from the shore and can clean where it has already landed. The federal government will not commandere the clean-up as long as everyone expects BP to do it. The Gulf of Mexico does not belong to BP!! The oil leak is on the property of the federal government . Outrage toward BP is an exercise in futility. Focus the outrage where it can do some good – the federal government!!! They are the owners that work for us; and the only entity that will listen to us!

  5. swan says:

    I support you 100%!

  6. Richard Bird says:

    I find the statement that the spill only covers a “small” portion of the gulf to be totally unacceptable.
    human negligence aside, it is war on our environment. “our,” being a term of ownership as an american,
    and a long-time resident of the gulf coast from Corpus Christi, Tx to New Orleans,La.
    Someone, somebody, everyone and everybody need to make their voices heard…”
    THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE.” CLEAN IT UP before all wildlife in the Atchafalya Basin becomes a
    slimey reminder of complacency. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE.

  7. Lloyd Meunier says:

    I’m with you all. Holt put it well – the politicians keep enabling the corporations and we keep enabling the politicians. Stop hoping for help from the shills. Bust the system. Stop voting. Organize from the ground up. And at the same time, make Obama jail the BP CEO and apply Points 3 and 4.

  8. Les evenchick says:

    How about supporting the use of conventioanl explosives to shut down the well?

  9. Rick Lacey says:

    You are too easy on BP. We need to force BP to divest its US assets and leave our hemisphere. If we allow BP to stay in the gulf pumping US oil and ultimately selling the refined products to US consumers it will be US consumers who pay for the cleanup. If we adopt my plan the profits on those assets will accrue to the benefit of America and the funds from the asset sales can be held to pay for the cleanup. The net benefit to the US economey will be 1.6 times the cost of the cleanup or as much as $64 billion. Visit http://www.ricklacey.com for more.

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