This is a cobbled-together, non-exhaustive list of some of the other responses to the BP Oil Flood in and around the Gulf Coast. This includes past and future protests. We aren’t affiliated with these events; to learn more about them, you can click the links for each.

You can also sign up for our announcement list by sending an e-mail to
murderedgulf+subscribe@googlegroups.com. We won’t spam you… we’ll only send you e-mail to let you know when there’s a local event related to the BP Oil Flood or we hear of a direct volunteer opportunity.

If we’re overlooking something, please let us know in the comments!

Protest BP/Rowdy Walking Tour
Saturday, July 3. 5pm to 7pm

starting in Lafayette Square Park, New Orleans

We will meet in the Park at 5pm for speakers.
Then we’ll take to the streets on a non-permitted walking tour of BP oil scum hideouts in the CBD. Let’s let them know they can’t hide in our hometown!

Dress right for a people’s water balloon fight so in this heat we can feel alright!!



BP Protest at St. Petersburg BP station
Wednesday May 12

St. Petersburg, FL


“Human Text Message” from the people of Grand Isle
Sunday May 16th

Grand Isle, LA

Gulf Coast community members, including fishermen, shrimpers, grandmothers and families who have been directly impacted by the massive Deepwater Horizon oil spill, sent a human text message to BP, the federal government, Congress and other officials.


Vigil in New Orleans
Thursday, May 20th

Decatur St. side of Jackson Square


Critical Mass – No Drill, No Spill, No Kill
Friday, May 28, 6 – 8 pm

Jackson Square, New Orleans

Bike Ride to stem the River of Oil polluting our streets, in the time slated for Critical Mass this Month, Friday 28th May.


Critical Mass Emergency Protest Ride “KREWE OF DEAD PELICANS”
Monday, May 31, 5-7:30 pm

Jackson Square, New Orleans

Join us in a critical mass style procession of the “Krewe of Dead Pelicans.”
An opportunity to take to the streets, in a silent ride. Dress in all black for we will be representing the dead zones created by abusing our environment.


Youth Townhall Meeting
Wednesday, June 2nd, 5-9 pm

School building, Mary Queen of Viet Nam Church
14001 Dwyer Blvd, New Orleans

The Vietnamese American Young Leaders Association of New Orleans (VAYLA-NO) is organizing a youth townhall meeting. Because of the halt in the seafood industry, 80% of Vietnamese families are affected throughout Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.

Our goals for the Town Hall Meeting are:
-To educate the community about the economic and environmental impact of the oil spill in a youth friendly way
-To discuss, in small groups, how the oil spill has affect our lives.
-To learn which issues we need to address to protect our environment and community.


Gulf Teach-in
Thursday, June 3, 6 pm

Church of Holy Angels, St. Claude & Gallier, New Orleans

A Gulf Teach-in with Kerry St. Pe, Director of the Barataria-Terrebonne National Estuary Program. Presentation, Q & A, action ideas, letter writing, volunteer opportunities.

1st Procession of the Krewe of Dead Pelicans
Saturday, June 5, 5:30-9 pm

Starts at 329 Julia St., New Orleans

June Art Walk, 1st appearance of the Krewe of Dead Pelicans.

Assemble at 329 Julia Street at the Canary Collective Gallery in the Arts District at 5:30. Proceed down Julia. Go as smaller units around the Arts District from Tchoupitoulas to Baronne Sts. and over on some of the cross streets for a few blocks.


Black Out Friday bicycle ride
Friday, June 25, 6pm to 9 pm

starting in Jackson Square, New Orleans

Hey cyclists! join the Rolling Black Out Friday June 25th! There’s no need to drill, baby. 6pm Jackson square, 15 miles.

check it out here:


of course, the route is always negotiable, and subject to radical
change. please give feedback! or come up with routes. or mis-lead the ride somewhere new and interesting.

It’s obvious this spill will go on past the next two months, but rest assured we will ride through them. and then, through the decades it will take the River and the Gulf to clean up the toxins. Let’s show New Orleans the benefits of human-powered transport. Let’s make our response bigger than this disaster. Let’s show

1) The health benefits of cycling, relying on our own power, building our muscle, and breathing less car exhaust.
2) The traffic benefits of cycling, allowing more people to move through the streets, and doing less damage to the streets with less weight.
3) The climate benefits of cycling, emitting less while moving fast on fewer calories
4) The social benefits of cycling, revealing ourselves during our commute as human beings, rather than mysterious figures behind metal and glass.



3 Responses to “OTHER ACTIONS”
  1. Goodchildren says:

    1st Procession of the Krewe of Dead Pelicans

    The Following is the literature from the Facebook page.:
    Assemble at 329 Julia Street at the Canary Collective Gallery by Zack Smith’s gracious invitation in the Arts District at 5:30. Proceed down Julia. Go as smaller units around the Arts District from Tchoupitoulas to Baronne Sts. and over on some of the cross streets for a few blocks. Getting off Julia will not work as a street wide group as Julia is the only area closed off for the art night.

    If it turns out we cannot have a procession at all, we will stand in group formation for a sufficient time to make a statement. Or until the cameras stop rolling, which ever comes first. If it rains, you will most likely already have an umbrella. So no rain date or cancellation. Afterward the procession has ended, please wander around the art scene drawing attention to the cause. You will be art, that night ,too!

    Flags-If anyone has a flag of the State of Louisiana, City of New Orleans, any state, region or city (or other relevant flag) likely to be affected, please bring your flag borne on a pole or staff and be a flag bearer, at the beginning of the procession. I have not heard from any flag bearers yet.

    Banner-Could someone make a banner for the Krewe of Dead Pelicans to be carried at the head of the procesion. Leftover Katrina Tarp would make a nice blue background. Use black paint for best effect. Use big black block lettering to write Krewe of the Dead Pelicans. It should be carried by two to six persons, depending on how big you make it, dressed in Katrina tarp blue or close.

    Dead Pelican Umbrellas, etc-Bring your pelican, (or other preferred critter) on a Katrina tarp blue (or close)umbrella trimmed with black oil (plastic bags or fabric cut to resemble an oil spill and drips stapled to the umbrella points- see Krewe emblem for umbrella inspiration) or painted to resemble oil fouled creatures on a stick if you don’t want to do an umbrella. See links on Krewe of Dead Pelicans Facebok Page if you want to order a pelican or some other suitable critter. We are not connected to the sale of them and do not profit in any way. They are offered as a quick solution sugestion only. You are welcome to come up with/make your won pelican/critter-Anyone with a stuffed critter connection, see me as I would like to harness proceeds that this effort will generate to benefit causes in the region.

    Please confine your group to one critter if you chose an animal other than a pelican. Same critters in groups will have more impact and therefore be more meaningful.

    Garb-Wear a blue top and a black bottom for the most visual group impact. Unles you are dressing to fit some other specific function. Or wear what ever is most meaningful too you. If you are a group, dress alike. Remember- visual impact!

    Footwear-If you have got them. wear shrimp boots to show support for the marsh. I know you have all got them. I saw you all wearing them at Jass Fest! Gulf Coast Effegy will be wearing her Shrimp boots. Otherwise black footwear is preferred.

    Oil Plume Depiction-Bring as many rolls of black crepe paper as you can muster to unspool behind us as we go to represent the oil spill. Alternative improvised black “oil spill” representative forms are quite acceptable as well. Please be sure to collect them before you leave the procession area as we do not really want to foul our space like the oil spill has.

    Depiction of the Gulf of Mexico- I have a life sized black marbled cardboard coffin. My effegy of the Gulf will be placed into it and onto a my large handtruck. The Gulf, upright in her open coffin, with oil spurting from her chest over a Cat 5 oil spill, like a front yard Virgin Mary stuck in the ground in half a bathtub in Chalmette, will be wheeled at the head of the processison.
    Two coffin bearers will be needed. Dark suits or Victorian funereal costume preferred. black tshits and black bottoms fine, too. Pallbearers have volunteered.

    Krewe of Dead Pelicans umbrellas- Umbrella bearers will form a double ( or more if needed) line as a cortege escort and walk in long rows behind the coffin, our oiled critters held aloft on sticks and umbrellas, unspooling our black oil streamers to represent the oil spill behind us as we proceed.
    Please indicate if you plan to come as an umbrella bearer. An idea of how many would be very helpful. post to the wall below.

    Signage-Bring your Katrina tarps painted with
    “Stop the Oil!”, “Save the Gulf!” and “Save the Marsh!”
    Size is up to, but not larger than, what will fit across Julia street. Carry signs aloft spread edge to edge through the street in between the cortege of dead wildlife. Tarp bearers should wear tarp blue.
    Canary Collective has some black signs. You may contact them if you want one or just inquire when you get there. First come first served. You can paint your message or just the black is a stark message. Again an idea of how many would be helpful

    For those of you having a procession in a community that has not been graced with Katrina tarps, get them at your home supply or hardeware store. they are usually inespensive but not blue.

    Gulf Oil Spill depiction- A good size bolt of black fabric has been offerd to make the long Oil Spill train which will flowfrom the Gulf’s coffin trailling the ground so that it flows under the “sea” blue Katrina tarps as the procession moves out. PPerson who volunteered-sorry lost you contact info-please bring that to the Canary Collective on or before 5:30 on the day of the procession. Train is expected to be 16 yards long so train bearers are needed to carry and undulate the train for best results. Train bearers should be dressed in black head to toe. Victorian Funeral garb for best effect but any black top and bottom will do. Bone Gang people would also do nicely here.

    Chant-As we slowly proceed, the Krewe will solemnly chant “Stop the Oil-Save the Gulf-Stop the OIl-Save the Marsh” in the dead pan call and response manner of the chorus from a Greek tradgedy as we walk through the streets.

    Music-A small group of musicians playing funeral dirges would be an extra nice touch right before the coffin. A brass band has volunteered and I hope they show up. Please confirm on the wall below if this is your group.

    Dead Pelicans chant in between the riffs of the dirge.
    (dirge-Duh, dunh, duh, don da don da don da duh.)
    Stop the Oil! Save the Gulf! Stop the Oil! Save the Marsh!
    (dirge again-Duh, dunh, duh, don da don da don da duh.)
    Stop the Oil! Save the Gulf! Stop the Oil! Save the Marsh!

    Thank you all for your kind attention to this very serious matter.
    I wonder how many this this will get on Youtube?
    Post your props and ???s on the wall.
    Thanks all for participating.
    I am humbled and deeply moved by your heartfelt response.
    Make us proud.
    I can’t wait to see you there!

  2. Lisa Ingram says:

    We need signs, banners, street puppets, and voices! Power will be on from noon til 4:00 if any bands want to play let me know. NO alcohol in the square. Come out and let BP hear you! I have permit TO ASSEMBLE and A NOISE PERMIT in hand! cOME ON OUT AND BRING PEOPLE WITH YOU!

    Join us!

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