A nice mix of radio, print & TV coverage. If you know of coverage not listed here, or you have pictures or video you shot of the event, please share via the comments or by emailing We’d love to see!

Kids at the Baton Rouge Corexit Protest -- KATC

Kids at the Baton Rouge Corexit Protest-- still from KATC video

WRNO, 99.5 FM
Opponents Of BP Dispersant Corexit Rally At State Capitol

KATC Channel 3
The group of environmentalists, shrimpers and angry residents… demanding the government end BP’s use of the dispersant
DON’T MISS: Awesome video. Look at the aggressive camera work & editing on this! They did a great job.

The Baton Rouge Advocate
Corexit, when mixed with Louisiana sweet crude oil, causes a number of health problems, particularly for the workers who are cleaning up without masks, respirators or gloves.

WAFB Channel 9
“A photograph…camera footage… you just can’t capture it. You can’t get the smell. You can’t hear the sounds. You don’t feel the energy. When you go out to the Gulf and see it first hand, it hits you.”

WTUL, 91.5 FM
These respirators, which clean-up workers have been forbidden to use, would protect workers while on the water and on the land from volatilizing oil byproducts such as benzene, as well as the dispersant chemicals…


One Response to “MEDIA COVERAGE”
  1. Joanna says:

    Awesome work, ya’ll! Thanks for bringing this specific message about Corexit to BR!

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