HOW CAN I HELP? This is a question many have asked in the face of this apocalyptic BP Oil Flood and the cowardly abdication of leadership by our elected officials in D.C.

How can we as individuals help? What can we do? We will strive to keep this section relevant, accurate and updated over time. Following are some links to organizations looking for person-power and donations of varying kinds; please use our comments section below to suggest more, or e-mail them to

To try to use some of the momentum coming off of Sunday’s awesome event, we are building a low-volume announcement e-mail list as “Murdered Gulf” transitions into what’s next. Please join us by sending an e-mail to We won’t spam you! We just want to stay in touch about other events.

Danielle Brutsch of the New Orleans Public Library has helpfully compiled a document with contact information for many organizations, paid and unpaid. You can get that document in PDF format here, and also check out NOPL’s full page of informational and advisory information related the BP Oil Flood.

Think “hair booms” are a no-go, just ’cause BP said so? Hair Booms are working and in use at the local level throughout Louisiana. Learn more through local nonprofit “The Oily Hair Project,” whose website has a number of ways you can help, including a call for volunteers, information on where to drop off hair and the facts on hair boom usage. A partner of Matter of Trust, Oily Hair Project’s site also provides vital safety information for would-be volunteers. Sometimes knowing what NOT to do is important too!

Roger Ivens, one of our Sunday speakers, is a HAZWOP– Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency response– trainer who is coordinating low- and no-cost certification trainings for people and groups who want to do direct volunteer cleanup work on the coasts. To get trained, see his Meetup Group, NOLA Oil Spill Cleanup & Animal Rescue

The Louisiana Bucket Brigade has been hard at work on related issues for ten years, long before the BP Oil Flood. They are working hard to save our Gulf, and looking for “time, money, brains, energy and commitment.”

And of course, we encourage you to send along our list of demands, or your own demands, to those people whose salaries we pay & who call themselves our leaders. Contact your elected officials here.

10 Responses to “HOW TO HELP”
  1. Richard Bird says:

    I find the statement that the spill only covers a “small” portion of the gulf to be totally unacceptable.
    human negligence aside, it is war on our environment. “our,” being a term of ownership as an american,
    and a long-time resident of the gulf coast from Corpus Christi, Tx to New Orleans,La.
    Someone, somebody, everyone and everybody need to make their voices heard…”
    THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE.” CLEAN IT UP before all wildlife in the Atchafalya Basin becomes a
    slimey reminder of complacency. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE.
    we should see industrial vacuum trucks sucking that shit out.
    and I’m gonna talk like this until it gets done! put those trucks on barges.
    put bigger barges out there to collect it. the logistics can be handled! get the Army COE’s in action. get them to lease those trucks from private industry.
    Move them like tanks in a war!

    • Kristin says:

      I agree with this completely. Good , logical action steps that we all know can be done if they wanted to. Now they must be made to see reason.

  2. Nicole Youngman says:

    We need to think about having protests at busy intersections with “Boycott/Prosecute BP” signs etc. Are there any BP offices/facilities nearby where we could protest?

    • Nicole Youngman says:

      Actually–just saw in the paper that there aren’t any BP stations in LA. Road trip to MS? 🙂

  3. Kezia K. says:

    Here’s an awesome article I just read about Kafka and the oil spill:

  4. Andy Gross says:

    People have to speak out in every possible way. We are now getting a glimpse at how completely the oil industry controls our government. Check out this video at:

  5. jon snyder says:

    I am a writer and researcher form California and am totally outraged as you are at the above mentioned “abnegation’s” of leadership. Corexit contains arsenic and mercury, elements that alone should preclude their use in the (once?) environmentally sensitive area of the Gulf. I am networking with companies that use absorptive/coagulating products including whose product is interestingly demonstrated in the latter part of the well-made video on the disaster (war?) in the Gulf area.

    How are your elected officials reacting to BP’s refusal to submit to the EPA’s demand to cease and desist from use of Corexit? Hope I am of some assistance in this effort to assist the life forms and wonderful environs of your region.
    John Schneider

  6. thought you might like to view, post and distribute this in relation to your efforts to raise awareness for the nonsense and shenanigans going on with regards to the BP Oil Gusher.

    its an artwork that I produced. posted to our website as a flyer and in poster format.
    I think this sums up the situation succinctly. And, … people don’t realize how much at fault all involved are.

    BP for its negligence and errors, feds for lack of leadership, state and many local leaders for playing the populist card, and for putting politics and personal end games ahead of big picture and people at large.

    check it out, and let me know.

    BP Oil Gusher flyer on
    BP Oil Gusher poster on

    scott mccrossen
    five65 Design

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