The response to our efforts to organize this rally has been humbling; people from all over the Gulf Coast have pitched in to make this event happen. The following are our confirmed speakers for Sunday:

George Barisich, President of the United Commercial Fishermens Association

Evan Wolf, Louisiana National Guardsman involved in oil cleanup

Dr. John, Beloved Benevolent Ruler of Realities, Southern Louisiana Spokesperson / Ambassador to the Universe & Musician

Phyllis Montana LeBlanc, Advocate, activist, author & actor, star of Spike Lee’s “When the Levees Broke” & HBO’s “Treme”

Paul Orr, Lower Mississippi Riverkeeper

Cliff Troxler, Co-founder of the Southeast Louisiana Shrimp Alliance

Professor John P. Clark, Loyola Environmental Studies Program

Lisa Craig Gautier, Executive Director of Matter of Trust


Dean Blanchard of Dean Blanchard Seafood, the largest seafood provider in Louisiana

…plus words from Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response trainer Roger Ivens, Heather Glass of Oily Hair Project, ReX Dingler of NoLA Rising, commentator/activist Ian Hoch, & more.


4 Responses to “SPEAKERS”
  1. Danielle says:

    The speakers were great! I thought the whole thing went very well, though next time i think a louder bullhorn or pa system might be in order…

  2. Henry, D and everyone else….you did a great job. WGNO TV 26 said the turnout was 1800. The Times Pic always underestimates unless it suits their agenda, You have brought a diverse group together under a common umbrella: a shared love for our beloved Louisiana. This is just the beginning. I am happy to help in the future. Thanks for your hard work and dedication. Michele

  3. Virginia says:

    Are there efforts to organize another gathering?

    • Hey Virginia! The organizers of Sunday’s event are taking a breather from event planning, but we are certainly hoping other people will plan and throw additional rallies, marches and creative resistance. There should be more, bigger protests every day. We are using this site to promote all upcoming actions we’re aware of via our Other Actions page. You can also sign up for our announcement list by sending an e-mail to
      murderedgulf+subscribe@googlegroups.com. We’ll send out e-mails when there’s a gathering taking place or we hear of volunteer opportunities. In the meantime, people are discussing and planning what’s next on our very active Facebook Group.

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