All who lived through Katrina know the psychosocial fallout that comes with so-called “natural disaster.” We have lived and struggled through the resultant traumas to ourselves, our loved ones, our neighborhoods, and our cities.

BP’s murderous greed has already stolen the lives and shattered the families of eleven of its employees, and BP is now destroying the lives and livelihoods of all who depend on the Gulf for food or making a living.

We know the BP oil flood is killing fish, shrimps, oysters, crabs, egrets, pelicans, turtles and other wildlife, but this article from the Mobile Press-Register is about how BP is also killing our COMMUNITIES:

The massive oil spill from the BP drilling explosion signals an ecological catastrophe of unprecedented proportions for the Gulf of Mexico.

But the often ignored, less visible and rather intangible community and social impacts of the BP catastrophe may be more devastating to the human condition than the highly-visible, media-documented ecological impacts…


  1. Grant gaffey says:

    I put an ad on craigslist with exactly the same intention behind it. Did you read it?
    I am looking to organize corrolary events and hopefully put together a french quarter fest type music festival to raise further awareness about community sentiment towards this issue. I am going to hold it between July 4 (american independence day) and july fourteenth (bastille day). Please contact me with any ideas. If I’m going to do this, I need people who can organize quickly. Best regards,

  2. Eve Abrams says:

    I am in the midst of planning a protest for this Thursday at the Haley Boggs Federal Building. My team and I would love to join forces.

    We’re meeting at 3 at the Sound Cafe today, Monday. Feel free to come by, email.

  3. Grant gaffey says:

    yeah, sorry yesterday was hectic. I would have loved to meet you guys. Can we have a party sometime this week or something? Have you heard of krewe of dead pelicans?

  4. laila says:

    looking for contact for news story.

  5. johnypaycut says:

    How ’bout a world wide boycott of any Bp made garabge?(yes they’l love that) even for 24hrs. a day without
    lets write the village voice,and greenpeace,and every anitoil group in the entire nation.
    end reliance on bs , stop bp now!
    (after all, oil is only liquid poop)

  6. Julie says:

    You have a great graphic on this site (the person with the gas nozzle to their head). I’m not sure if you are recreating this image or even your pelican image (powerful too). You should encourage people to make it their facebook profile pic and mention BP in their facebook discussions, that way it will show up when anyone goes to the BP page:

    A similar campaign was done against Nestle a few months ago…good luck- hope the protest goes well. I’ll be featuring your campaign on my blog tomorrow:

  7. Joanna says:

    Thanks for organizing this protest!

  8. johnypaycut says:

    from many different sources it now seems clear, this ecological nightmare will affect the entire eastern
    u.s. the corexit has already gone airborn,carried for miles inland. the oil and the mixture of corexit
    will also end up being carried inland by rain and possibly hurricanes.
    it seems a lot of people living in areas outside of the gulf fail to understand , this threatens all of you.
    it is a potential killer. toxins deposited in drinking water, on soil, in streams,rivers and lakes.
    to allow anyone, including the gov. esspecially bp to ignore the hazard is allowing criminal acts that
    may in fact kill many people.

  9. Marat says:

    I had a dream how to stop oil leak 🙂 May be It helps to stop “BP” oil… Where to send the idea and pictures?

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