Murdered Gulf logoWe are gathering Sunday, May 30 at 1 pm at the AMPHITHEATER aka “Washington Artillery Park”— the performance space that’s a big curved set of steps across Decatur St. from Jackson Square, next to Cafe Du Monde– to demand immediate, aggressive intervention by the government to STOP THE BP OIL FLOOD. Not soon, not later, not eventually, IMMEDIATELY! The government MUST TAKE ACTION!

People are angry, and have every reason to be, but this is a peaceful protest. If you feel you cannot abide by that for whatever reason, please stay away.

This event is being put together by a handful pissed-off New Orleanians determined to force full government and corporate accountability to the people of the Gulf Coast. We are not a political action committee or affiliated with any political party, business interest or candidates although we absolutely WELCOME and INVITE all groups, organizations and individuals to attend.

Chief Organizer Henry Thomas

PLEASE spread the word… come and bring as many as you can!

UPDATE: Due to overwhelming demand, we present for all interested parties the rally’s chief organizer, New Orleans’ own Mr. Henry Thomas. When you see this shining face on Sunday, you will know you are in the right place.

We will have legal observers on-hand to deal with any police problems (although we don’t expect any).

There will also be speakers, music and media present.

For more info you can

contact: BPoilflood@gmail.com OR murderedgulf@gmail.com

Thanks, and we’ll see you there!

One Response to “JACKSON SQUARE RALLY, MAY 30”
  1. Paul says:

    Thank you for your efforts. Please put me on your mailing list and if we readers can help in the future in any way, let us know.

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