Rally Wrap-up: Now it’s your time to shine.

Most media coverage & our estimates say we had eight hundred to a thousand people– ABC says about 1800!– but what’s important is that we came out and we were heard.

Fishermen, shrimpers, National Guardsmen assigned to cleanup, toxicity experts, anarchist philosophers, water-quality monitors, entertainers, spiritual leaders, activists, and plain old everyday folks (which in New Orleans encompasses all of the above) got to sound off to each other, the press, and any so-called national “leadership” who might deign to listen.

BP Oil Flood Protest; photo by Editor B

Photo by Editor B, used under Creative Commons.

Let this be the beginning, folks. Let this be a pebble in what becomes an avalanche of unignorable outrage. Moving forward, Murdered Gulf is focused on spreading awareness of other grassroots actions and direct volunteer opportunities. If you’d like us to e-mail you when we hear of either a new volunteer opportunity or an upcoming local action, please sign up for our announcement list by sending an e-mail to murderedgulf+subscribe@googlegroups.com. We won’t spam you, promise.

Dr. John lets 'em have it, with nooooo problem.

Dr. John lets it rip at the rally. Photo by infrogmation, used under Creative Commons

It was a great rally, additionally blessed with some wonderful surprise speakers including Phyllis Montana-LeBlanc and the immortal Dr. John himself. You can check up on our updated list of speakers or peruse & add to our collection of press coverage the rally received.

This cataclysm is getting worse, not better. You know this, we know this. Sunday’s rally was put together primarily by a couple people with full-time jobs, in 6 days.

We had a TON of help from our friends as well as from new friends who came out of the woodwork to make this possible, but YOU are why Sunday’s rally happened. It was you who took this opportunity and ran with it, you who costumed and made brilliant signs and came out in the rain… you who promoted this and attended this because you had your priorities straight and understood the magnitude of the crisis.

Now it’s your turn to inspire, your turn to lead something bigger, bolder, and hopefully slightly more creative.  It’s your time to lead. Please step up, for the sake of the Gulf.  We’ll help.

You can reach us at murderedgulf@gmail.com or via the comments.

Check out more excellent photos like those above from Editor B and infrogmation. Thanks for the pics, guys! If wordpress made it easier to link you directly in the captions, we would.


One Response to “Rally Wrap-up: Now it’s your time to shine.”
  1. Goodchildren says:

    Gulf Teach-in tonight, 6:00, at Holy Angels, St. Claude & Gallier, with Kerry St. Pe, Director of the Barataria-Terrebonne National Estuary Program. Presentation, Q&A, action ideas, letter writing, volunteer opportunities.

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